Why Indigo Bay

WhyIndigo Bay

Indigo Bay Tex. was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada when we were young newlyweds. With determination and a heck of a lot of hard work, the business flourished, as our family was growing, and we moved in order to expand our facilities and accommodate a growing number of employees. Today our grown children help us run the entire show, both on the floor and in the office.

We are a world-class manufacturer of sleeve, aprons and gowns. Along with our trusted network distribution base, we strive to comply with the international safety standards and ensure the most stringent Quality Control (QC) guidelines before shipping our products to our distributors.

Our mission is to help businesses maintain a healthy and safe environment in the food processing, industrial and health care sectors. We understand our users' needs and ensure that we deliver them high quality, cost effective products that meet their needs.

We are dedicated to minimizing the risk of spoiling and bacterial contamination with our Endeavor line of aprons, gowns and sleeves. The Indigo Bay Tex. brand is your guarantee of quality in the workplace.

Owing to our commitment to a positive environment for all, our employees age with us and our clients stick with us. Every apron, sleeve and gown passes through the hands of each one of us at Indigo Bay so the margin of error is very slim.

From the beginning we made the strategic decision to specialize in a few items rather than compete on the whole gamut of products out there. The decision proved itself right. While not compromising on quality or on any manufacturing aspect, we still offer our customers top quality products, unbeatable price and same or next day shipping.

Wear our personally crafted products with pride, knowing that they are biodegradable, recyclable, washable and reusable and that every product is manufactured and assembled in Canada – and always will be.

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