Chemical Processing Sleeves and Apron

Industries Sanitation & Healthcare

The Sanitation & Health care industries must conform to strict sanitation regulation and workers need to be shielded from hazardous materials.

Features of Health Care Industry Aprons

  • Easy to clean using Detergents in Washing Machine, making them extremely easy Maintenance.
  • Do Not clog incinerators or release harmful fumes into the environment when disposed
  • Non-Toxic. Non-Absorbent. Non-corrosive. Odorless.
  • Resistant to chemicals, acids, solvents & detergents.
  • Resistance to temp. down to -56 °F/-54 °C, up to 180 °F/82 °C.
  • 100% waterproof.

Our aprons are highly cost-effective when compared to both low end disposable aprons and high end expensive aprons. We produce very limited number of products, but our main focus is to design the best among the wide range of products, available in the market.

The Endeavor Protective Wear Line answers your needs at the most affordable price!

Main Benefits

- Apron, Gown or Sleeves with excellent resistance to chemicals, acids, solvents & detergents

- Heavy duty splash protection

- 100% Waterproof Apron, Gown or Sleeves

- Will not clog incinerators or release harmful fumes to the environment

- Lasts 10 times longer than PVC / Vinyl

- Apron, Gown or Sleeves with excellent resistance to greases, oils & fats

- Very slippery material - easily cleaned

- Washer & dryer safe – up to 100 industrial washings without changing properties

- Will not crack or stiffen from washing or freezers

- Resistance to temp. down to -56 °F/-54 °C, up to 180 °F/82 °C

- Excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance

- Very light & comfortable

- Non-Toxic. Non-Absorbent. Non-corrosive. Odorless

- Most cost efficient and best value protective wear in the market

- Reusable. Recyclable. Biodegradable

Canadian Made



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Industry Best Aprons for ensuring Worker Safety from Hazardous Materials

The sanitation and health industries are required to comply with the safety rules and sanitation regulation in order to protect workers while working with hazardous materials and environments.

Indigo Bay Tex is established as one of the best medical apron manufacturer. We design health care industry aprons to suit the factors pertinent to the industry.

Our range of laboratory aprons, pharmaceutical aprons, hospital aprons and sanitation aprons are affordable as well as serve the purpose of providing protection to the workers.

Compiling with the GoGreen Drive the world over, all our products are 100% Eco-Friendly; they are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Made using 100% virgin TPU, they are the best aprons across many industry verticals.