Fish Processing, Seafood Processing, Adjustable Die-Cut Aprons

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The food processing industries are facing tougher sanitation regulations than ever before, as spoiling and bacterial contamination are an ever present hazards.

Our catalog includes:

  • Fish & Seafood Processing Aprons
  • Meat Processing Aprons
  • Poultry Processing Aprons
  • Hog processing aprons
  • Vegetable Processing Aprons
  • Agriculture aprons
  • Dairy Processing apron
  • Aquaculture Processing apron
  • Salmon Processing apron
  • Tilapia Processing apron
  • Lobster Processing apron
  • Oyster Processing apron
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture Processing apron

Indigo Bay Tex aprons are eco-friendly as they are 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. They are easy to wash, therefore effortlessly maintained. They are far more economical than similar products in the market and are tough enough for extensive usage, thus offering high value for the money.

The Endeavor Protective Wear Line answers your needs at the most affordable price!

Main Benefits

- Safe for all food processing: fish processing, meat processing, poultry processing   & vegetable processing

- 100% Waterproof

- Apron, Gown or Sleeves with excellent resistance to greases, oils & fats

- Resistance to temp. down to -56 °F/-54 °C, up to 180 °F/82 °C

- Very slippery material - easily cleaned

- Will not crack or stiffen from washing or freezers

- Washer & dryer safe – up to 100 industrial washings without changing properties

- Excellent resistance to chemicals, acids, solvents & detergents

- Excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance

- Polyurethane Apron, Gown or Sleeves that last 10 times longer than PVC / Vinyl

- Non-Toxic. Non-Absorbent. Non-corrosive. Odorless

- Very light & comfortable

- Most cost efficient and best value protective wear in the market

- Reusable. Recyclable. Biodegradable

Canadian Made



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Indigo Bay Tex Offers Premium Food Industry Aprons Designed for Safety and

Comfort Even Under Extreme Working Conditions

Workers in food manufacturing plants have to preform strenuous activities for long hours and require secure protection against elements that can affect them while working. They need a strong apron to give them shielding from water, heat, cold, abrasions, fats, oils and chemicals and above all ensure high hygiene.

Our food industry grade aprons are made of tough and durable 100 percent virgin polyurethane material, hence you can be sure of it lasting longer and offering considerable usage as compared to conventional disposal aprons.

If you opt for disposable aprons, you would be needlessly spending every month and have issues with both hygiene and worker safety. A single polyurethane food industry apron is worth 200 disposables aprons in terms of durability and usage and is more cost effective.

Our aprons are designed to protect against water, heat, cold, fats & oils, chemicals, dirt and abrasions and will not wear out. They are 10 times better than vinyl or PVC aprons and are designed to be comfortable to wear, even when used for long hours.