Poultry Processing Die-Cut Apron

TheDie Cut Apron

A one piece seamless, reusable apron that provides maximum strength and no place for bacterial or dirt traps. Excellent aprons for use in all food processing industries; fish & seafood processing, meat & poultry processing, fruits & vegetable processing, etc.

Best comfort, quality, protection and unrivaled price when compared to disposable PVC through Hycar & Neoprene.

High Quality Die-Cut Apron


  • Made of 100% virgin polyurethane (TPU)
  • One-piece
  • Self-material neck strap & waist ties
  • Back tie
  • Seamless
  • 5.5 or 8 mil thick

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  • Die-Cut Apron made of 100% virgin polyurethane (TPU)
  • Superior quality to all other protective wear products – from disposables, PVC & Vinyl through Neoprene & Hycar.
  • Most cost efficient and best economic value die-cut apron on the market
  • Environmentally friendly polyurethane die-cut aprons

High Quality

  • Excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance (it is impossible to tear the Endeavor material by hand)
  • Ten times the abrasion resistance of P.V.C & Vinyl
  • Can go through up to 100 industrial washings without changing properties
  • Can withstand temperatures from –54°C / –65°F to 82°C / 180°F
  • Will not crack from washing or freezing
  • Easy cleaning! Nothing sticks to its slick finish
  • Returns to its original shape after exposure to extreme temperatures and rigorous physical stress


  • Anti-static
  • 100% waterproof die-cut aprons
  • Heavy duty splash protection
  • High Quality Die-Cut Apron resistant to most chemicals and acids
  • Excellent resistance to fats, oils and grease
  • Seamless design eliminates bacterial and dirt traps
  • Non-toxic. Odorless. Non-absorbent. Non-corrosive

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% Recyclable & biodegradable
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • One Endeavor apron will outlast up to 200 disposable aprons


  • Long-term use means lower cost per worker – even when compared to disposable aprons
  • Our high quality Aprons are comfortable, light and very flexible. They will remain soft and will never crack, even when placed in the freezer.
  • Eliminates the “fatigue syndrome” (i.e., soft, lightweight and quiet material)

Food Processing Approved

Canadian Made


The Endeavor line Die-Cut Apron is 100% guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects

Laundry Instructions

The Endeavor Protective Wear Line Die-Cut Apron is washer & dryer safe and withstands up to 100 industrial washings without changing properties. Use commercial laundry detergent, soap or disinfectant up to 100 °F/ 38 °C. Tumble dry at medium heat or hang to dry.

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The Die Cut Apron: A Shield Against Bacterial or Dirt Traps

Indigo Bay Tex is known for producing excellent quality die cut aprons. Our polyurethane die cut aprons are made from 100% virgin polyurethane. They are seamless, reusable and designed to provide maximum strength.

The best part is that there is no place for bacteria and 'dirt traps', which make them the best food processing die cut aprons for use across all food grade processing industries like fish & seafood , meat & poultry , hogs, fruits & vegetable etc.

These aprons have self-material neck straps and waist ties. They are available in both 5.5 or 8 mil. thick to offer maximum resistance against the elements.

Our TPU die cut aprons are washer and dryer safe. They can withstand up-to 100 industrial washings without cracking or any change in quality. You can use commercial laundry detergents, soaps or disinfectants up-to 100 °F/ 38 °C. They are available in white, blue and yellow colors.

The Environmental friendly aspect of Endeavor Polyurethane Die Cut Aprons

They are 100% recyclable and 100% non-toxic and being reusable makes them extremely cost effective and helps save on cost. One Endeavor apron will outlive up to 200 disposable aprons and is more cost efficient compared to both disposable and high end expensive aprons.

High Quality Die Cut Apron

Our aprons will exceed your expectations; some of the salient features that make us better than cheap and disposable aprons are:

  • No cracking from washing and freezing
  • Retain their original shape after exposure to extreme temperatures and rigorous physical stresses
  • Extremely Easy to clean
  • Are Ten times more abrasion resistant than P.V.C and Vinyl.
  • Offer excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance.